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Key person Insurance

How would your company survive without a certain individual?

In most organisations, it is possible to identify certain individuals whose contribution is particularly important. Their absence could result in the business suffering from such things as loss of sales or lower production output either of which could have a knock on effect of loss of profit in the business. We can arrange the appropriate level of Key person Insurance (sometimes known as Key man insurance) for your business.

You can help guard against such events by the company taking out an insurance policy on the individual which would pay out a lump sum in the event of their death or their being diagnosed with a critical illness. This lump sum can then be used in anyway the company sees fit, such as bolstering funds or to recruit a replacement.

We have insurance providers who offer added benefits such as help finding temporary candidates, legal help with employment law and access to trained nurses to talk to about how to deal with an employee’s illness.


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